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Who We Are

J Laverne and Linda Tyson ministries in Indianapolis Indiana is a Christian ministry operated by a retired senior pastor and wife. They are known throughout the world for their anointed speaking, teaching, and preaching. Part of their new ministry assignment includes conducting Pastor's School, a monthly pastors wives class, and Minister's Clinic for aspiring ministers. In addition, they've sold thousands of books to help believers and nonbelievers alike to grow in/and learn about Christ. Audiences connect with them because they preach on topics that are relevant to the day we live in. They seek to represent Christ on earth through accountability, credibility, and spirituality.



School Registration

As a leader, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many and impact the direction of individuals or families, helping them to make wise choices and guiding them through the journey of life. Please register to learn more about the wonderful opportunities of being a leader.

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About Us

Please click the link below to obtain a little bit of background information on both Bishop J. Laverne and Lady Linda Tyson



Browse through our collection of fine books written by Bishop J. Laverne Tyson that will inspire and intrigue you.

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