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Educational Church Leadership Training

J. Laverne & Linda Tyson Ministries is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, but we have built up a strong ministry base around the country. We are available to preach, teach, or hold ministry minister conferences. Some of our local ministries include church leadership training for pastors, pastor's wives, and ministers.

Pastor's Wives Class

Pastor's wives have a special calling; they experience their own set of burdens and needs. Linda Tyson, with more than 30 years of experience aiding and assisting  pastor's wives, addresses topics unique to their call. She addresses subjects including: "keeping your own 'self' intact", "keeping family first", "ministering to your husband", and "finding time for yourself". A "MUST" class, especially for young pastors wives.


Bishop Glenn Brady and Part of the Large New Bethel Church Contingency He Brought from Kansas City, Kansas to J L TYSON MINISTRY'S "Camp Meeting"

Pastor's School

This school is for men and women desirous of learning the elements of pastoring, evangelizing, and growing their membership. Students get first-hand knowledge from J Laverne Tyson.

Minister's Clinic

Minister's Clinic is designed for lay ministers, teachers, & evangelists. In these clinics, the basic tenets of being a supportive associate/lay minister, and the practical ministry of teaching and preaching are taught. Along with a regimen of classwork, practicums, include visitation to seminaries, symposiums, hospitals, prison's, nursing homes, and juvenile center. The ministry student receives a well-rounded and balanced educational experience.

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